I'm Adam, an ultra-mega-super-rock-star-ninja bit-samurai living by the code* in the greater Lincoln metroplex.

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* Great UI is a moral imperative.



Angular // React // Vanilla JavaScript // CSS+Sass
UX // UI // Human Factors // Adobe CC
PHP // Node // Java
Relational // Document
Words & People
Readin' // Writin' // Product Mgmt // Project Mgmt // Customer Service


  • Door Configuration App

    Architecture, Design, Specs, Lead, Code

    • Single-page Angular web app
    • Redesign of existing Silverlight app
    • Modernized interactions and look/feel
    • Usability testing to improve experience
    • Angular, Sass
  • Option Trading Platform

    Reqs, Specs, Lead, Code, Support

    • Single-page Angular web app
    • Quick results from millions of options
    • Modular code for reuse in stand alone and embedded forms
    • Server APIs for customer data and third-party service access
    • Angular, jQuery, Sass, PHP, MySQL



    This company has shut down and, sadly, the app has gone with it.

  • Healthcare Site Rebuild

    Design, Lead, Code, Support

    • From-scratch custom WordPress theme
    • Design adapted from existing site. Made branding, and icons, imagery, and general layout consistent. Then improved within client parameters.
    • Responsive
  • Care Coordination App

    Reqs, Specs, Lead, Support

    • Healthcare data exhange
    • Providers, facilities, and patients all have an equal seat at the table
    • Facilitiates communication, improves care outcomes
    • HIPAA compliant
  • Mobile Payments App

    Reqs, Specs, Lead, Support

    • One consultant
    • Two device OSs
    • Three service providers
    • Four development teams
    • Five million active users
    • Six months to finish
  • Data Integration

    Reqs, Specs, Lead, Code, Support

    • Wrote coreographies and business rules to bridge protocol, format, and even time itself.
    • Hundreds of B2B data connections
    • Owned projects from the first client call through post-launch support.
    • Java, JavaScript, XSLT


  • Senior Architect



    Leading multi-year effort to transform 2500 screen thick-client windows application to a modern web and mobile application.

    In this position I code front-end (React), develop microservices (Go), run dev-ops, plan and write specs, design, manage and mentor developers, communicate project visiion and planning to customers and management, train, and even do a little selling.

  • Front-end Architect

    Orca / Best Option Trading


    Anything the customer interacts with or connects to was my responsibility. I designd and built responsive web applications and APIs with HTML5, Sass, Angular, JQuery, PHP (Slim), Node, Go, and MYSQL.

  • Senior Product Manager



    Drove a complete rebuild, and expansion of, the product line from one product that did patient discharge from hospitals to four products that provide comprehensive patient care coordination among multiple disparate medical providers.

    Responsible for market analysis, product requirements, design, prototypes, stakeholder management, customer and market reports and feedback, partner relationships, marketing, and sales education.

  • Senior Technical Consultant

    Nuance Communications


    Managed all technical aspects of a > 5 million active-user mobile customer account management application. I wrote the requirements, vetted the design, managed development and testing, and deployed the new code. I was the guy who had to know how it worked, why it was done that way, and what to do if something went wrong.

  • Software Engineer

    Total Living Choices


    Developed a web application in Java, using Spring, MVC, WebFlow, web services, JSP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript that helps discharge planners at hospitals find appropriate post-hospital facilities for patients. Managed production, test, and developer databases. Tackled special (read: complicated) projects.

  • Web Developer/Producer

    Fog Creek


    Created a new “Advocacy” campaign for FogBugz to convert developers who loved FogBugz into champions for it in their organization. I designed the marketing program, wrote content, and developed the pages in HTML/CSS. Contract position.

  • Personal Sabattical


    I spent the year in Germany with my newborn daughter and wife. You can read about my experiences at www.MuenchnerMunchkin.com

  • Integration Architect



    Wrote applications to integrate companies with their partners. Led integration projects. Worked directly with customers for requirements, testing, and support. Mentored team members. Created a department wiki/knowledge base. Wrote specifications for new product features.

  • Software Engineer



    Wrote applications in ASP 3.0, SQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and Flash. Participated in all phases of the SWDL. Managed projects. Trained customers.


B.S.B.A. Management - Information Systems, University of Nebraska - Lincoln